sábado, 22 de marzo de 2008

post nro 23

:::mother anorexia:::
Inhale your own worst obssession
Forgive me mother
Inhale, forget the one you're waiting for
The adversary - accusation
The last fall is endless
Await the blade upon your tiny chest

I miss an existence I don't even know
My addiction
I've seen the universe in your eyes
I've seen the beauty that never dies

Mother Anorexia engraves my veins
There's blood and anger all under my nails

Mother Anorexia, my hope was fake
Mother Sephirah, they never existed

anorexia nervosa

todo marcha mal/bn x momentos me pongo triste i x momentos soi extremadamente feliz..ana es asi. te hace sentir extremadamente triste o extremadamente feliz, animada o totalmente desesperanzada...no hai grises, en mi vida no hai grises.
500 kcal al dia. mama me obliga =(

las q mucho prins

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